2017 Shows & Events

Historical First Ever Breed Club Show for The Jack Russell Terrier Club


The Jack Russell Terrier Club

1st Limited Single Breed Show

Sunday 2nd April 2017 

held at The Ashley Memorial Hall, Market Drayton, Shropshire, England

Judges:  Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus) and Special Classes Mrs Kate Smith (Alncroft)


Judges Profiles:

Mr Jeff Luscott (Jalus)

I started in dogs in 1973 with a Jack Russell, we bred and kept them for over thirty years, losing my last oldie in 2008. 1975 saw my first show dog a Great Dane, a Belgian Shepherd Tervuern followed in 1979 and I won a Ch show Working Group with him at Midland Counties in 1981. I have bred, owned, and made up Champions in Great Danes Tervueren and Groenendael, including the top winning Groenendael breed record holder with 40CCs 2 Groups and a BIS, he also won BOB 3 years running at Crufts. I started judging in 1980, and am now passed to award CCs in the UK to 67 Breeds including Parson Russell Terriers, to which I awarded their 2nd ever set of CCs in 1997 at Birmingham National. Then in 1999 I had the pleasure of judging the breed at Crufts. I have been involved with the PRT Club since its formation in 1990, having also worked on the Committee in the past. I was involved with, and was Chairman of the Jack Russell Club of the UK before the Parson was recognized, and I have been judging Terriers in the UK and overseas for some time now. I also judge the Terrier, Working, Pastoral and Utility Groups plus Best In Show at Championship show level in the UK. I have judged breeds in all groups at Open shows and awarded BIS on over 80 occasions. I have had the honour, of being invited to judge Jack Russell Terriers in many different countries abroad at CC, CAC and CACIB level, including Australia at the Spring Fair Show in Sydney. My wife shows a winning team of Lhasa Apso's, and we also ran a very successful Boarding Kennel business for 25 years until recent retirement. I also run Disco and Karaoke Parties, mainly for dog events these days. I very much look forward to meeting you all, your dogs, and judging the First Club Show of the UK Jack Russell Terrier Club. ‚Äč

Kate Smith (Alncroft)

I have been involved with terriers for 30 years now, initially with Russells and Lakelands, beginning with working terriers and hunt terrier shows back in the early nineties. I handled a few SFT's and a Welsh before eventually establishing my own kennel of PRT's (Alncroft) where we strive to produce terriers that are of the correct type and remain fit for function. We breed sparingly but consistently produce winners in the show ring, including 10 champions and the breed CC record holder and numerous other CC's winners. I am on the A3 list for PRT's and have also judged them in other countries in Europe as well as the States. We also breed and show Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds. I have always had an interest in JRT's both as workers and as show dogs and very much look forward to judging them at this, the Jack Russell Terrier Club's first UK KC show and I thank the committee for their invitation.

Catalogue Results of first ever Breed Club Show

Catalogue Results of first ever Breed Club Show

Principal Winners

Best in Show Back Pack Di Sutri at Lochiel

Reserve BIS & Best Opposite Sex Jarot Home And Dry at Mindlen

Best Puppy in Show Hunters Hawk Honor

First Ever Breed Specific Seminar - Judging & Grooming


Introducing Kao Miichi from Japan of Monamour Jack Russell's fame giving a rare presentation of the Jack Russell Breed Standard followed by an opportunity of a question and answer session

Grooming Workshop presented by the World Famous Dog Handler and Groomer Hiroshi Tsuyuki from Japan

Saturday 11th March 2017

held at at Marston Green Parish Hall, Elmdon Road, Marston Green, B37 7BT

Kao Miichi from Japan of Monamour Jack Russell Terrier fame

Kao Miichi from Japan of Monamour Jack Russell Terrier fame

Informative and detailed breed standard presentation by Kao Miichi
Bringing the breed standard to life with male and female Jack Russell Terriers
Grooming Workshop in full flow
Gifts presentation to our esteemed speakers Kao and Hiroshi
World Famous Dog Handler and Groomer Hiroshi Tsuyuki from Japan

World Famous Dog Handler and Groomer Hiroshi Tsuyuki from Japan

First Ever Crufts Breed Classes


Crufts 2017

Judge:  Mr Stuart Plane

March 9th 2017

Males - 51 Females - 45 Total - 97 making 105 class entries



Crufts 2017 Critique

It was an honour & a privilege to be invited to judge Jack Russells at Crufts, the first time they have been classified. They had given a huge entry of 97 dogs which was very much appreciated. We were unfortunate to be late in the ring but I was determined that the BOB winner be present in the group & what an impact she made, catching the eye of many admirers I found type to be very even, presentation to be good with clever handling to show the exhibits off at their best. I was surprised to see some otherwise attractive exhibits move unsoundly however. I am sure the breed is in capable hands & will go from strength to strength.

VD (0).

PD (8) 1 Caldbeckjack Peels Lad, a t/w headed dog of very good type well balanced head of good shape neat ear correct mouth lovely neck & shoulder true front & carried a good body with correct proportions to his height, well set tail. Certainly the soundest dog in the class; 2 Eddyeldorado Dos Makuas For Chayo, this is a classy youngster similar to the winner in make & shape. Quality headed with correct mouth neat ear & pleasing expression. Excelled in neck & shoulder placement, true front & moved with enthusiasm; 3 Jonus Jr Game Of Thrones At Drailam, not the maturity of those above but shows potential, good bone for his age well balanced head pleasing expression well set tail.

JD (9) 1 Monamour Over The Rainbow, I liked this youngster very much, very well balanced of enviable type & quality, well presented & handled to make such a pleasing picture. He has a well shaped head lovely eye giving the best of expressions straight well boned front with enough width, easily spannable rib correct topline & well set tail with strong quarters. I could find nothing I liked better so he was BD, apparently I was told later I had given him his first prize last year; 2 Touchstar I Am What I Am, this young man pressed the winner hard, so much to like him for lovely head giving an attractive expression, neat ear well boned front good rib & depth wells et & carried tail smart outline on the move, the winner for me just had the edge on length of body; 3 Genial Gru Bohemia Ehite Hunter At Sona, a very sound moving dog with type & quality, lovely over the neck & shoulder, good topline standing & carried his tail well, just not as collected on the move as the winners.

PGD (11,3) 1 Touchstar Game Over, a very smart young man clear tan & white markings on his head with small body patches, balanced head which tapers gently lovely expression neat ear & a true front with good bone level topline & spans easily well angulated quarters. On the move he was very precise where he scored in OD; 2 Cisaras Gian, much like the winner being of similar type & size. I liked his head proportions & structure, pleasing over the neck & shoulder & well angulated quarters, not quite keeping his topline on the move today; 3 Heartily Invictus, a well bodied dog of good type. I liked his size & balance He has a very attractive head & eye lovely rib which spans easily but did not have the extension in front of the winners. Showed well throughout the class.

OD (28,4) What a class both in number & quality but precision of movement was the deciding factor. 1 Touchstar Game Over Falling Branch Once Upon A Time, a very attractive headed dog, I liked his size & balance lovely expression with neat well placed ears true front with adequate bone good topline & spannable ribs. Showed well to advantage in this strong class. Well presented with lovely coat texture; 2 Ita Ch Touchstar Private Collection, another from this breeder I seem to have liked, heavier marked than some but of excellent type & size strong powerful head lovely eye & expression enough width in front well placed shoulders & well angulated quarters.

GCD (1) 1 Krisbos Jelly Bean, a t/w headed smooth. His head is balanced for length with a good skull well off for bone & keeps his topline on the move good tailset & carriage. VB (1) 1 Ch Cerise Chanel Des Genies De La Toile, alert & lively for her age showing how the breed can last, well constructed with good bone for her size, her enthusiasm affected her precision of movement.

PB (6) 1 Hunter Hawk Hope For Twinan, headed this very strong class lovely head & expression with dark eyes, correct mouth & neat ear very good in front construction with easily spannable ribs. She was carrying a lot of body coat which made her look heavier than she actually is. Great show girl & moved excellently. In the challenge she made for good competition & acquitted herself enough to take RBB. She looked a good pair with my BB; 2 Hunter Hawk Honour, my notes say similar to the winner with a classy head & good eye lovely neck & shoulder true front , a touch longer than the winner, good rib an coupling well set tail she showed & moved with style; 3 Whistlewoods Its My Time, a smaller t/w bitch of similar type to the winners, she scored in construction with first class neck & shoulder placement muscular quarters. Put in a good performance.

JB (9,1) 1 Speedy Hunter Ariel, a well built youngster of good type but I felt on the day she needed more time to come together & fill her frame, quality headed with a good expression from good eyes well placed ears lovely bone with muscular quarters & well set tail, she spans without doubt & put in a good performance; 2 Ducklings Jr Just Qutie, perhaps a touch more workman like than the winner she has a lovely head & eye well placed shoulders that show quality, good topline & spannable ribs used her tail well she moved & showed freely to make a very pleasing picture; 3 Demeter Catori Muraco, a well made youngster with a very attractive outline lovely head & expression good bone & true front easy free mover kept her topline on the move.

PGB (12,3) 1 Suzans Pride One Night In Heaven, a bitch of very good type good proportions of depth to length of leg, lovely head & eye giving an attractive expression very good front with well placed shoulders strong quarters which reflected in her movement well presented coat of correct texture; 2 Jarot Home & Dry, a very clear t/w well off for balance throughout pleasing head good eye giving a good expression true front with adequate width lovely body properties of rib & coupling. On the day I thought she did not quite have the enthusiasm on the move as the winner but quite sound; 3 Secret Desire Jackersons, a smaller bitch but retains breed type tan & white markings on a very clear white coat. Well constructed & pushed the winners hard. She has a balanced head good eye lovely topline & tailset.

OB (20,1) 1 Ch Granlasco Simply A Beauty, & a beauty is just what she is, gained the breed many admirers on the day, She was all I was looking for on the day, quality, type & soundness rolled into one. From any angle she presented such a lovely picture. BB & BOB over a dog I much admire. Very good in head & eye lovely shoulder placement & true front. She keeps a level topline & used her tail to advantage; 2 Mon Smour Moon Song, a very well constructed smooth who presents a grand picture Lovely to go over being well constructed & in proportion & so sound on the move. On the day I just preferred her younger kennel mate for RBB; 3 Lovely Orange Mozzarella, another attractive bitch of super type with many of the qualities of the those above her, well constructed & pleasing on the move. Quality head & eye correct mouth good over the neck & shoulder keeps a firm topline & well set tail. In good coat of correct texture.

GCB (0).