About Our Club

The Jack Russell Terrier Club was officially recognised by The Kennel Club from 2016, though the ground work to make this happen had commenced a considerable time before with a Steering Committee headed by Founding Chairman Mr Geoff Corish.

Establishing the Club so positively was made possible with the endeavours of our Chairman Mr Geoff Corish, President Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews, Officers and Committee Members, most still serving currently, and importantly the twenty-seven Founder Members listed below who put the Club on a very early sound footing with their most generous donations:

• Mrs Iona Bailey

• Mrs Gillian Barker-Bell

• Mr David Bell

• Mrs Elizabeth Cartledge

• Mr Michael Coad

• Mr Geoff Corish

• Mr Thomas Hagström (Sweden)

• Mrs Jennifer Hetherington

• Mrs Donna L. Holman

• Mrs Margaret Hooley

• Mr Mark Hooley

• Miss Tracy Irving

• Mr Steve Jepson

• Mr Tim Jones

• Mr Robert Lane

• Mrs Sandra Lane

• Mr Jeff Luscott

• Miss Audrey MacDonald

• Mr Garry Mason

• Mr Simon Parsons

• Mrs Lesley Roberts

• Mr Gavin Robertson

• Miss Sanna Rosell

• Mrs Madeleine Sandell Bark (Sweden)

• Miss Nicola Spencer

• Mrs Heather Turner

• Mr David Winsley

In the foundation year 2016, due to this generous input from the Founder Members and further general memberships  the Committee were fortunately able to organise a number of club events soon after registration.  

The Jack Russell Terrier Club's first breed show was a Limited show held on Sunday April 2nd 2017, at the Ashley Memorial Hall, near Market Drayton in Shropshire.  In addition the first breed seminar was hosted by the Club in March 2017 and support was given to the twice yearly Discover Dogs events held by The Kennel Club.  


Working for Kennel Club Recognition

Featuring our Club Chairman Geoff Corish speaking about the breed and its recognition by the Kennel Club in the UK

History Making...

April 2016: The first Jack Russell Terriers to enter the show ring as a Kennel Club registered breed in the UK with the Puppy Dog Class at the National Terrier Club in Stafford officiated by famous international judge Mrs Liz Cartledge